Live Theater / Stage Genre: Kids Musical Full Length Musical - Play For all audiences​​​​​​​
In the enchanting world of Pooch City, a courageous cat named Little Meow gets captured and must outsmart the dogs, enlist the help of new friends, and embark on a musical adventure to rescue his land from the tyrannical rule of King Roc.
One day, while playing at the park, Little Meow gets lost in the woods. As he tries to find his parents, he comes across Purry, a female cat who is running away from home due to anger towards her parents. A storm approaches, and a tornado sweeps up the two kittens, spinning them through the sky. After being thrown out by the tornado, they find themselves in Pooch City, a mythical city inhabited by dogs.
Pooch City is entirely populated by dogs and ruled by the tyrannical King Roc. Little Meow and Purry attempt to escape the dogs, but they are captured by Duke and Luke, King Roc's loyal servants, and taken to the king's dungeon. In the dungeon, Little Meow meets Fuzzy, an old cat who has been imprisoned for years. Fuzzy warns the kittens that it's only a matter of time before King Roc subjects them to "cat-purizing." However, before King Roc can cat-purize Little Meow, he assigns the kitten a task: leading Peaceville's king to him, allowing King Roc to conquer the feline land.
Meanwhile, in Pooch City, Purry makes a horrifying discovery while sitting in the dungeon with Fuzzy. Fuzzy reveals that cat-purizing involves transforming cats into dogs and dogs into cats. Fuzzy himself was once a dog who was punished by King Roc and transformed into a cat. Despite being forced into service, Little Meow manages to escape King Roc's headquarters. He nearly leaves Pooch City but decides to return and save Purry.
On his way back, Little Meow encounters Underground Sam, an old, experienced dog, and an unlikely ally. Underground Sam tries to dissuade Little Meow from saving Purry before she undergoes cat-purizing, as he knows how to get back to Peaceville. However, Little Meow is determined to rescue his friend, and Underground Sam eventually agrees to help the kitten. They make their way back to the dungeon and find Purry.
Just as they find Purry, they are confronted by Luke, Duke, and Fuzzy, the latter of whom is assisting King Roc in seeking redemption. However, the three of them begin to argue over power, providing Little Meow with an opportunity to escape with the cell keys. Underground Sam leads the cats out of Pooch City, while King Roc rushes to stop them. Finally, they emerge back into Peaceville. Little Meow bids farewell to his friend, Underground Sam. In the end, Little Meow and Purry are reunited with their families and return to the park to play. However, when a new storm approaches, Little Meow ensures his safety by hiding in a car.

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